Mono Prints are created by applying print ink directly to a plexiglass or metal plate, referred to as the matrix.   Once the desired image is created, the image is transferred from the plate to the paper  and then run through the printing press.  Chine Colle is a technique that  incorporates another image into the print. This involves using light weight acid free paper with translucent qualities for best results.  The tissue like paper  picks up images off the plate and then allowed to dry.  Once dry (about 2 weeks) a rice glue thinned with water is applied to the back and then put on the painted image (glue side up) and printed.  The papers merge as one creating a unified effect adding texture and depth.

Plexi plate, called the matrix, where ink is applied to.

Plexi plate with completed painted image ready for the press

A Monotype is a one of a kind printed from the matrix (plexi or metal plate) the plate is cleaned off completely to begin a new print.   A Monoprint is a series of prints from variations of the same matrix by adding or subtracting from the plate between printings.  These prints are numbered as V.E. (varied editions) in the order that they were printed.  Each print is still one of a kind but part of a series.

The following  images are of  Monoprints and Monotypes that I created in a course held at Dundarave Printers on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC., with Instructor Heather Aston,  a renowned Print Artist.  Heather  was very encouraging, helpful and resourceful.  I loved the class,  learned so much and gained a deepened appreciation for monotype prints.

1. 1/2 V.E. Monoprint J. Clements 11.2010

2. 2/2 V.E. J.Clements 11.2010

3. Monotype 1/1 J.Clements 11.2010

4. 1/1 J.Clements 11.2010

5. 1/1 Goddess J.Clements 11.2010

6. 1/1 J.Clements 11.2010

7. 1/1 J.Clements 11.2010


8. 1/1 J.Clements 11.2010

9.    1/1                          J.Clements    11.2010

10. 1/1 cedar branch J.Clements 11.2010

11. 1/1 Nurture J.Clements 12.2010

12. 1/1 Special Delivery J.Clements 12.2010 mixed media

13. 1/1 Pink Lotus J.Clements 11.2010

14. 1/1 Blue Lotus J.Clements 11.2010