What’s interesting about the latest arrival to Coast Eco Timber is that these exotic woods are harvested  from the bottom of the Panama Canal; they have been preserved beneath the

surface since the flooding of the Panama  97 years ago.


L to R Alana Husby; Challa Reisner; Arnie Dewitt

Scuba Logging is the method used for harvesting these old growth trees as seen in this video.  The logging takes place underwater, the logs floated to


the top and dragged on to the shore.  These trees are then milled into large raw edge slabs suitable for interior mantels and furniture as well as

out-door architectural applications.

Some of the species from this tropical forest are Canal Espave, Canal Cedro Espino, Canal Zapater and Canal Ipe.

Canal Zapater is a beautifully dark textured wood featured in the photo of the mantel and one of the most popular varieties.  Canal Ipe also known as

Ironwood and is most commonly used outdoors due to its resistance to termites and weather elements.

One of my favorite pieces on display at the Rocky Mountaineer Station  was this Waterfall table made from

Walnut by artisan John Schmidt of  Hycraft Design.

All timber products from Coast Eco Timber are FSC Certified




waterfall tabel



These wood slabs are a perfect medium for interior applications such as counters, table tops and mantels;

please feel free to contact  Janice Clements at Targetinteriors if you need any help incorporating these

timeless elements into your design.

Photos by J. Clements