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A festive treat for this occasion is the Baroque acrylic Chair

in a delicious assortment of colours.

(pink, purple, green, black, stripe, white, orange, blue, ghostly white …

so many flavours)

(1/2″ thick;  one piece formed;  high-grade acrylic; contract grade,

used in commercial and residential applications.)

Clear acrylic with  powder coated baroque pattern, emanates a

ghost from the past with an animated  persona.

Herman’s’ choice …

For a lean towards the Goth side,

it also comes in black.

Visit Home page /Refreshments, to read up about Mint Interiors

if you would like to know

where you can find these theatrical pieces.

… are we having fun yet?


I would like to introduce  MINT INTERIORS; just opened to the public Mon. Oct. 25 at the corner of 2nd. Ave. and Fir St.

They carry a unique and exclusive collections of  furniture, wall coverings and accessories.

Tracy Kendall’s  3D wall coverings  assembled with assorted items such as jigsaw puzzle pieces, buttons, or shimmering medallions to

create depth and texture.   Her  larger than life silkscreen image of a peacock feather or floral graphics  make for a striking visual

and conversation piece.

On the adjacent wall, a seamless white background with silhouettes of monochrome birds in flight, wall coverings by TROVE.

The pattern repeat is not obvious as in traditional wall coverings.

The Griffith Bronze Iron Lamp is one of many appealing pieces in the lighting

dept. Interwoven lampshade of recycled  newsprint in Asian characters takes on a

life off its own.

Beautiful hand blown glass vessels by Joe Cariati out of Los Angelos. 

The shapes and colours are captivating.

The shortlist is a few of the items worth investigating,

I’ll leave the Sultan Dog and Bambi Chest to your imagination.

A designers Pit Stop for some visual refreshments.

photos by Janice Clements

There is a Group Show at the Charles Scott Gallery on Granville Island that is worth taking in.

One of the artists, Thomas Glassford,  has managed to bring what’s old is new with his version of POP ART in the piece where he has assembled a variety of aluminum profiles into a multicoloured techno quilt like pattern.  The electric colours of anodized powder coating are vivid and bright … loved the architectural references.

The adjacent  sculpture is  made up of recycled light pendants, bowls and plates to form a floor to ceiling hanging tassel of found objects that just seem to fit together so perfectly.  These works are a playful cross of old /new – pop/folk … very clever and very striking.

On the other side of the room is a show of beautiful minimalist 3D compositions by Gabriel de la Mora.  Fine whimsical lines whisking in space.  At a closer look you will notice the anatomy of micro knots where the lines cross joining the pieces together and a faded undertone of light brown stain below.  There is a heevy jeevy feeling that may come over you once you realize the fine lines are actually human hair and  the faded stains that lie beneath is blood.  They have a fascinating appeal.

This show ends Oct. 24 and is worth the time … I quite enjoyed it.

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